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GST & Accounting Services

What are we offering in GST and Accounting Services ?

  • GST Registration
  • GST Return Filling
  • Income Tax Return Filling
  • TDS Return Filling 
  • Managing and Maintaining Monthly/Yearly Books of Accounts

We are offering a complete service pack for GST and Accounts

For whom we have developed these services ?

We have developed these varieties of services for Small and Medium Sector Organizations who really need this since they cannot afford to maintain separate infrastructure and resources for Accounts maintenance and Tax Return

What are our services for GST Registration?  

GST Registration for Regular Tax Payers and composition dealers within minimum possible time

What are we offering in GST Return Filling?  

  • Monthly GST Return Filling for Regular Tax payers
  • Quarterly GST Return Filling for Composition Dealers
  • SAHAJ & SUGAM Return Filling for Small tax payers in the new Return Filling Process
  • Quarterly GST Return Filling for Regular Tax payers
  • Annual GST Return Filling for all tax payers
  • GST Bill preparation
  • Input Tax Reconciliation with supplier on a regular interval
  • Regular MIS on Suppliers defaulting Return filling
  • Maintaining GST related data for all customers in a secured manner
  •  E Way Bill generation on requirement
  • Professional Guidance and advise related to Managing GST and utilizing the same for the benefits of the Business
  • Door to Door Service for GST Return Filling for collection of Documents and delivery of GST Return copies and other relevant documents irrespective of location and distance 
  • GST Payment Challan generation
  • GST Payment on behalf of Client

Our Services for IT Return

  • Reconciliation of Income
  • Preparing Books of Accounts for accounting of PL Expenses
  • TDS Accounting
  • Calculation of IT Return
  • Filling of IT Return

What we do in TDS Return Filling

  • Collection of monthly Payment details attracting TDS
  • Verification of payment details for TDS
  • Reconciliation of TDS Amount against deductions with deductions heads and corresponding codes
  • Filling TDS Returns

What are our services for Monthly/Yearly Accounts maintenance?  

  • Daily Voucher Preparation
  • Daily cash Book
  • Daily  Bank Book
  • Daily Expense Accounting
  • Monthly Bank Reconciliation
  • Monthly Cash Reconciliation
  • Monthly PL
  • Yearly PL and Balance Sheet


The Accounting Service Pack of AMBICON including GST is an ideal choice for any SME Segment of Customer because in case they opt for this then there is no need to maintain:

  • Man Power for Accounts
  • Computer
  • CA
  • Consultant
  • Accounting Software

In One word , The SMEs may leave their GST and Accounting headaches on AMBICON  and do their Business peacefully

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