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Social Media Marketing

What is Social media Marketing?  

A Simple definition of Social Media Marketing is creating a brand entity in social media and promoting the same through different Social media Channels

What are the benefits of Social Media Marketing?

We are living in a social media age and benefits of Social media marketing is therefore endless

Let’s look at some of them 

  •  Branding and positioning of your products are easy in Social Media
  • You can reach out to maximum nos. of targeted customers within minimum possible time in social media
  • You can have proper engagement with your potential customers in social media
  • The reliability of contents published in social media is quite high and therefore probability of success of any promotion done in social media is also high
  • The cost of Social Media Marketing is also quite low in comparison to Print or electronics media

What can AMBICON do for you in Social Media?

In One word, AMBICON will develop your “BRAND PERSONALITY”   in Social Media

What are  our deliverables for you in Social media Marketing ?

Our Total Deliverable in Social Media Marketing
  • Creative and meaningful Static Content design and promotion  
  • Audience pulling Video Content preparation and promotion
  • AD design and promotion based on meaningful and powerful contents   
  • Creating a large number of target audience
  • Reaching out to target audience within minimum possible time
  • Purposeful and effective Engagement with Target Audience on day to day basis
  • Creating brand loyal customer community for you in social media
  • Generating potential Business Leads from Social media

List of our Creative for Social Media

We design:

  • Social media Posts
  • Flyers
  • Banners
  • Mailers
  • Cover Photos
  • Profile Pictures
  • Newsletters

We prepare

  • Informative Videos based on meaningful contents
  • Business promotional Videos based on specifically designed contents for specific target audience to get them attracted to your business
  • Event videos
  • Animated Videos
  • Interactive Videos

What we can bring for you in table ?

  • Business Growth
  • Potential and loyal Customers who will buy your products and services
  • High Brand  Image

Do you really want anything more????

What are the Social Medias we are covering

  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube

And whatever will be coming in future

Last but not the Least

Your growth is our Future

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