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Data Management

Data processing and Data Management

Large Scale data processing and Data Management has always been a core competency area of  AMBICON MANAGEMENT SERVICES (P) LTD. The organization has got a team of experienced people who are capable of handling and managing large volume of critical data and analysis of the same to produce desired result.

The Organization at present is handling Old Age and Widow Pension holder data of Urban areas of the state of West Bengal which is spread across different Urban Local Bodies (ULB). There is a requirement of managing these large volume of data periodically and AMBICON does the same on behalf of respective ULBs.

The major challenge of such data is nothing but deficiency of required information and the data processing team of AMBICON is very prompt in identifying the same and thereby reduces time for processing to a large extent.  

The required activities under this data processing job includes but not limited to the following points:

  • Verification of Physical beneficiary Data
  • Identification of shortcomings in the same
  • First level Entry and verification on OFF LINE basis
  • Second level entry and updation in different Govt. Portals which can be termed popularly as ONLINE DATA ENTRY
  • Modification of existing beneficiary data for all categories of information again  on ON LINE basis in Govt. Portals
  • Deletion of Existing Beneficiary data from Govt. Portals on ON LINE basis
  • Downloading and analyzing Beneficiary data from Govt. Portals on behalf of the ULBs
  • Analyzing the data based on pre defined parameters
  • Preparation of required MIS and detailed reports based on findings of the analysis of downloaded beneficiary data

At present, the organization is handling more than 2 Lakhs of Beneficiary data in the Urban Sector of  West Bengal.

AMBICON is having required infrastructure to execute such project of handling and managing large volume of data in the city of Kolkata.  The basic details of the Infrastructure and resources of the organization is as follows:

  • An execution Team of more than 30 experienced professional  
  • A project management team having wide range of experience in the similar field
  • 24 Hrs. Internet connectivity
  • 24 X 7 support

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